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New York Guest was founded on the principle that serving hotel partners, in as many ways as possible, was a strong basis for excellent long term relationships. Our focus has been to develop programs that 1) generate new income to a hotel, 2) reduce the cost a hotel expends in developing services, 3) enhance guest services, and 4) promote a hotel's positive reputation.

Our hotel partner services include

Concierge Services

Hotel Concierge services are a key element in how New York Guests works with hotel partners. With a 30+ year history of providing concierge services at hotels, our management team are recognized experts in the field of guest services. At each hotel, we assess the unique traits that define a hotel and create a concierge strategy to match those needs. From the selection of 'just the right personnel' to the scope of the services offered, we understand how to make a hotel look good in the eyes of its guests.

Concierge services typically include a full array of programs such as theatre, concert and sports tickets, full tour and sightseeing options, transportation solutions, restaurant options and personal guidance. Unique in the industry New York Guest also offers its proprietary 'OnCall ' concierge service to cover the times when on site staff are away or during off hours.

New York Guest has provided concierge services at a wide mix of hotel partners - 5 Star, Boutique, 3 Star, Branded, Independent, company owned and multi-properties with the same management team. With over 30 hotels managed in NYC, we understand the unique characteristics required to provide great service.

Hotel Room Marketing and Sales

Room sales are the focus for every hotel management team. Balancing rates and occupancy, FIT and Group, OTA and corporate segments are continuing goals.

New York Guest supports our hotel partners by marketing and selling hotel rooms for them. With a worldwide, broad-based distribution network, we help hotels sell rooms. We are a driving force in creating new marketing paths - through packaged sales, special promotions and hotel marketing.

Whenever a hotel looks to new avenues to bolster sales, New York Guest is an excellent partner to rely on for growth and diversity.

Corporate, Group and MICE marketing support

Every hotel that books groups, MICE or corporate events hears requests to assist with other services. That is where New York Guest's Hotel Support Service (HSS) is a wonderful solution. HSS takes the problem away and works directly with the group to fill their transportation, Broadway and sports tickets, sightseeing and tours, restaurant and meeting needs.

In many cases, our HSS program helps seal the deal for the hotel rooms. HSS is why a group or corporate client will pick your hotel over the competition- because you offer more services. New York Guest's HSS plan is available to your hotel at no cost