New York Helicopter Tours

The most excitement in New York? Hands down, a New York Helicopter ride. Every year, all year long, visitors line up to take one of our New York Helicopter Tours. If seeing the city in a very special way is in your plans, make your reservations with us today. We will offer you the best options and expert advice on what day, time and tour is best for you and your party.

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New York Helicopter tours are among the most popular activities in the city. Often included in a NYC vacation package, a ride across the top of Manhattan is for everyone who wants a great experience and the experience of a lifetime. When combined with one of our New York Hotel packages, the helicopter tour often is the highlight that guests talk about for years and years.

Great Experience

With our New York Helicopter Tours, you will get an experience only a few people have ever felt. With many tours to choose from, a helicopter tour is often one of the first things planned in a New York Sightseeing adventure.

Depending on the tour you select you may see:

Statue of Liberty

Empire State Building

Ellis and Governors Islands

South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street

Hudson & East Rivers

Downtown Manhattan

Central Park

Chrysler Building

Woolworth Building

New York Harbor

Yankee Stadium

…And More!

Click to book Your New York Helicopter Tour Online!

All helicopter rides originate from heliports in Manhattan. That makes it easy to include your helicopter excursion in the New York Vacation Packages or as part of a New York sightseeing program. The Manhattan location also means that the New York Helicopter Tours are minutes away from your New York City Lodging.

Helicopter tours typically start around 8AM with the last flight at dusk; every day of the year. We strongly recommend that you make your reservations now to avoid being disappointed when the time slots and days sell out. You can plan your New York Helicopter Tours for a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement or any celebration where the experience is key. No one ever forgets the day they rode in a helicopter across the skies of Manhattan.

New York Helicopter tours can also be part of New York Meeting Planner events for corporate clients, can be incorporated into New York Group Travel planning or form the basis for New York City event planning activities. You can also charter private New York Helicopter Tours and customize your flight plan.

Some say Mount Everest is the top of the world, but everyone knows that New York Helicopter Tours of Manhattan provide the best view anywhere on the globe!

Featured Article:

Incredible Views of The City on New York Helicopter Tours

[Posted on January 20]

New York City hosts millions of visitors each year- after all it's known as: The City that Never Sleeps. A NYC vacation presents the opportunity for endless activities, from sporting events such as the New York Yankees, New York Knicks, and New York Jets to the world class Broadway entertainment when you attend a production like The Lion King Broadway; to the unbelievable culture that can be experienced at the art galleries and museums across this marvelous town. There truly is something for everyone in New York City and the next time you plan on visiting, contact New York Guest first so that we can assist you in planning a trip that will allow you to do all these activities and more.

Beyond the mostly land based activities that you can do while you're here, please recall that New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This means there's just as much to see as there is to do. Many visit the city for no other reason than to take in some New York sightseeing. When someone contacts New York Guest with this in mind, one of the first things we suggest is that they take in one of the many New York helicopter tours of the city.

Our first choice for seeing the city is to see it from above: There is no better way to truly take in the great sights of New York than from a bird's eye view. You'll see things like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, Central Park and more. These New York helicopter tours can be taken any time of the day and are available all year long, so they can be experienced multiple times and provide something different each time. Some guests take New York Helicopter Tours before they do anything else as a way to orient themselves to the city; other choose to take a helicopter ride half way through their stay to see from above what they saw on the ground and still others use New York Helicopter Tours to finish their trip with a flourish. Even locales contact us when they're interested in New York helicopter tours because it's always great to enjoy the city from high above, a perspective that very few experience.

New York Guest is an invaluable asset the next time you're visiting to the city. In addition to the New York helicopter tours, our New York vacation packages offer you great New York hotel deals and exclusive discounts across the city. With our help, you'll be able to enjoy New York without stress or worry.

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