Lion King Broadway

See it now. Remember it forever.

The crowds tell it all, Lion King Broadway continues to be a mega hit! Since 1997, The Lion King has led the pack for the most sought after show on Broadway. A big seller as part of our New York hotel packages, The Lion King has been seen by over 45 million people worldwide. They have discovered the wonder, the artistry, and the truly one-of-a-kind experience that is The Lion King; the world's most spectacular musical. Year in and year out, crowds flock to Broadway to see The Lion King. There are still long lines of people waiting and hoping for a cancellation, that's how you know you have a major hit! The Lion King has been one of the most successful Broadway shows in history and has long been a part of the Broadway Packages list of 'must see' shows.

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Lion King Broadway has a timeless story about youth rushing to grow up faster then they should, and the consequences that follow. But then Disney on Broadway does something magical and previously unheard of on Broadway by bringing a cast of humans to life as animals in Africa. The Lion King pulses with award-winning music by Elton John and innovative sets and costumes that bring the classic story of Simba and the animals to very vivid life. Newsweek calls The Lion King "a landmark event in entertainment. The Lion King is a breathtaking adventure that stretches the boundaries of Broadway, from the heart of Africa to the plains of your imagination." Winner of six 1998 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, The Lion King is one of the most asked for shows in our New York Vacation packages.

Lion King Broadway is a Broadway musical for everyone. From 5 to 105, audiences are absolutely in awe of the things seen on stage. Many families consider Lion King an annual tradition and see it every year. Some guests make it the centerpiece for their NYC vacation or part of their New York Christmas travel and New Years Eve New York plans. This wonderful show is perfect for everyone: couples, families, seniors, grandparents and their grandkids and anyone interested in a really special Broadway experience. If New York City vacations are part of your plans, consider making The Lion King a part of that visit.

Now that you can't wait to see The Lion King Broadway, the first question is: when can you come to New York? Like all Broadway hits, we build packages around the show because tickets are usually hard to acquire and the best seats are available with some advance planning. Weekends and holidays will be the first to sell out; then the weekdays. In typical fashion, The Lion King will sell out 6 months in advance-- making getting to see the show nearly impossible. But if you select one of our Broadway Packages or New York Vacation Packages, we will make sure you see this blockbuster! Both of these New York Guest programs have Lion King Broadway as part of their special list. In addition, if you are just need tickets consider using the New York Concierge services team to get you tickets. Their motto is: "We always have tickets- just ask."

Lion King Broadway will be a hit for years to come. Whatever your plans, consider making The Lion King a centerpiece of your NYC vacation.

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