Limousine New York

There are many reasons why visitors take advantage of our NYC travel deals. Some come for business, others to just get away, some come to celebrate and still more come to NC for their vacation. Whatever reason brings you to New York City, take advantage of our Limousine New York services.

There are many ways to utilize our Limousine New York services:

And so much more! There are a thousand uses for Limousine New York services. Here are just a few for you to consider. When you think Limousine New York, you can include:

  • Private sedans
  • Airport Shuttles
  • Limousines - 6 passenger, 8 passenger and larger
  • SUV's - from Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and Rolls Royce
  • Specialty Vehicles-- Hummers, super stretch vehicles
  • Vans
  • Luxury Coaches
  • Luxury Buses
  • Party Buses (perfect for bachelor/bachelorette packages!)
  • Hybrid cars are available too!

The question that guests ask next is: is a limousines or sedans expensive? Not really and not any more! Consider the following

  • There are sedans (black cars) for every budget, from economy to luxury
  • It only costs $15-20 more for a sedan instead of a taxi cab; and the sedan will always be on time and clean, while the cab may never come until it is too late, or you'll have to wait in a long taxi line at the airport. Sometimes more than an hour just to get to the head of the line!
  • A shared van ride in form the airport costs about ½ what a cab costs and they can be booked in advance.
  • Three business persons can ride in one sedan
  • Limousines have become a lot more affordable ; and so have SUV's and specialty vehicles
  • Luxury Vans are a great, inexpensive way to more 10-20 friends and associates

The most important thing to remember about Limousine New York services are that they are a lot more affordable, a lot more practice and a lot more fun then the alternatives. Use our Limousine New York services to make your New York City Vacations extra special!

Featured Article:

Get Around NYC Comfortably and Conveniently with Limousine New York

[Posted on August 11]

Getting in from the airport and then getting around in the Big Apple can get interesting; especially if you're unfamiliar with all of the ups and downs of traveling in NYC. Whether on vacation or attending an important business meeting, you don't need the challenge of getting a cab or using the subways.

Travelers Tip - unlike most other cities, you cannot 'call for a cab' in NYC. The only way to hail a cab is to go into the street and raise your arm and hope one stops to pick you up. If it's late or you're in a quiet part of the city, you may have to walk blocks to find that elusive cab; if its raining or snowing and you arrive at the airport, figure on a 1-2 hour wait for a cab.

With New York Guest, transportation worries are gone for good. That's because New York Guest is offering its Limousine New York service which allows you to travel where you need to go in New York City comfortably, conveniently, and within your budget.

Limousine New York will pick you up in a sedan or limo at the airport, get you to your hotel quickly and safely and then when you need to move around town, a car will be waiting for you at the door.

Regardless of why you're in New York, you will travel around the city easily and comfortably with our Limousine New York service. This high quality and personal service provides you a variety of great vehicles specially suited for various occasions. For those in New York on business, a private sedan is a very popular choice. Those interested in something more luxurious might try a limousine, which also works well if you plan to come to New York with a group or for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday or wedding.

No matter the reason for being in New York, this service will meet your needs. Even if you have a very large group, you can even get around comfortably in a luxury bus, super stretch vehicle, or even a party bus (works really well if you happen to be planning a big bachelor or bachelorette party). Also for those environmentally-conscious, New York Guest also offers efficient hybrid cars!

The Limousine New York service is both convenient and more affordable than you think. In fact, these vehicles offered can accommodate virtually all budgets. Plus having a reliable, clean, and private vehicle to take you where you want to go quickly and comfortably offers many benefits; benefits that other forms of transportation in New York simply can't match, and especially if you will be traveling with a group! So, be sure to take advantage of the great value that this special service has to offer!

Remember that Limousine New York is also available with New York vacation packages, NYC tours, New York hotel deals and New York luxury hotels

New York Guest proudly offers New York Limousine service. It is a convenient and comfortable way to get around New York City. If you are interested in learning more about this service as well as other amazing New York deals, then simply browse through our website, and also feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to helping you make your next New York trip a great one.