Job Opportunities

New York Guest is rapidly developing new markets and strategies for our services and products. As part of that plan, we are continuingly seeking bright, enthuastic and resourceful people to supplement our current staff. The very best people are multi-taskers who genuinely enjoy helping customers and clients have a very special vaction, visit or business trip. Please review the New York Guest web site for an overview of our activities.

Our primary and current focus is in seeking personnel in the New York Metro area and it is where we have the greatest need. However, we would be interested in independently oriented representatives for select US markets such as Boston, Washingtion, DC, Orlando/Florida, Chicago, Dallas/Houston, Las Vegas and the West Coast.

New staff members may be needed to fill salaried, hourly positions or internships (unpaid) on a full, part-time, seasonal, and/or project basis. We are particularly interested in those individuals with sales, marketing, and internet development/marketing skills.


No position available at the moment. Thank you for your interest.