Hampton Inn New York

The best New York vacation packages often start with a stay at a Hampton Inn New York. A Hampton Inn New York stay has something for everyone. It means a family of 3 or 4 can enjoy their NYC Vacation, have a wonderful room in one of several Manhattan neighborhoods and enjoy the free extras at breakfast and in the evening. For the business person, staying with Hampton Inn New York means a convenient, centrally located room; with free breakfast every morning-- a very nice extra which saves you time and money. As one of the very few New York based companies actively promoting New York vacation packages, we can help you pick the Hampton Inn New York location that best suits your needs.

A NYC vacation that fits every personality and budget often begins with a reservation at a Hampton Inn New York hotel. Then it can include: New York Sightseeing,the best of Broadway packages and much more - offers that include major savings up to 50% off and other special values on all of the things that make New York the place to be this year…

Let us build a
NYC vacation that includes a stay at a Hampton Inn New York hotel.

With New York hotel packages that include the Hampton Inn New York hotels, you select what kind of NYC Vacation you will have. Most packages include at least one of the top 3 things that visitors want in a NYC vacation - New York Sightseeing, Broadway Packages& Sports Packages and New York Dining.

A few of the possibilities might be:

  • Empire State Building Tickets, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Top of the Rock, MoMA,the Met, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Little Italy or Brooklyn
  • New York Bus Tours, Escorted Tours, New York Helicopter Tours, or Dining and Cruises around Manhattan
  • Broadway Packages; sports tickets to the Yankees, Mets, Knicks or Rangers
  • Custom Tour and events
  • New York Limousine and van service to and from JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airports
  • Dining at NYC restaurants -Steak, Seafood, Italian, Asian Fusion and More - ala carte, prix fixe and group
  • Coupons and Savings on Clothing, Electronics, and more

The Hampton Inn New York hotels are one of our very best values. Lets us show you why! Choose to stay in one of many New York City neighborhoods when you choose Hampton Inn New York hotels. With Hampton Inn New York properties located in SoHo, Midtown, Chelsea, Times Square, by Wall Street and Madison Square Garden there's a Hampton Inn New York close to where you want to be!
Contact New York Guest today for all of your New York Hotel Reservations at the Hampton Inn New York hotels!

Featured Article:

You'll Love Staying at the Hampton Inn New York the Next Time You Visit NYC

[Posted on January 12]

Anyone that does any research into a NYC vacation knows that there are a lot of options when it comes to New York City lodging. The many neighborhoods, size of New York and all of the different hotels across the city can be intimidating even for those who have been here before (the city changes so much from year to year) never mind those not very familiar with the landscape. Deciding where to stay during a trip to the city is one of the most important factors of your trip.

Your New York City lodging decision will seem even more important if it was a poor choice because it can spoil an entire trip; and be the thing you talk about when you get home. But …. if you choose wisely, your memories of the trip will revolve around great experiences while in the city. If you'd prefer the good memories as everyone that makes a trip to New York wants, then your best bet is to contact New York Guest today!

When you have New York Guest planning the trip, the lodging as well as your entertainment, New York sightseeing, dining, transportation and more are all taken care of from the beginning, so you can focus entirely on enjoying yourself. When we plan, we will take into account the purpose of your trip, when you're visiting, how long you'll be staying and what kind of travel budget you're working with: and then provide you with several options that will help you maximize your time and finances. Not surprising, very popular choice among many of our clients is the Hampton Inn New York.

The Hampton Inn New York offers wonderful accommodations and the staff is dedicated to making sure that you're comfortable during your stay (my wife thinks their beds are the best in the industry). They have locations all over the city, which means no matter what you're planning or where you'll be spending the majority of your time, there will be a Hampton Inn New York location within close proximity. This makes a huge difference for those traveling to the city. It's something that is too often overlooked when visitors plan on their own.

Travel Hint #1 never select you hotel on the price per night alone. We can show you how a lower price is too often a bad choice. One cab ride, one breakfast bill, one missed connection - and the 'savings 'you thought you had can evaporate.

Travel Hint #2 hotels that sell their rooms cheaply do so because no one wants to sleep in those rooms. Nothing worse then a drab, funny smelling and out of the way location to ruin a stay.

Search for New York hotel deals based solely on price and you may find yourself in a hotel that not quite what you thought, not near where you need to be and costing you more in the long run then the right hotel from New York Guest.

Because the staff at New York Guest consists of people that know the city very well, who know the bad places to avoid, we'll be able to place you at a Hampton Inn New York or other hotel that will be the perfect match and save you in the end.

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