Great Broadway Tickets at Discounted Prices

Getting discounted Broadway tickets can save you a lot of money on your New York City vacation packages! After all, the best seats to most Broadway shows are between $120 and $160, often with additional fees tacked on. By ordering discount Broadway tickets from New York Guest, you can easily save up to 30% or more and still see a terrific Broadway show from great seats!

A Note about TKTS

The best known way to get discounted Broadway tickets is the TKTS booth in Times Square, where every day hundreds of theater-goers line up for access to discounted tickets to Broadway shows. However, there are a few misconceptions about the TKTS system. Availability changes by the second and there is no guarantee that you'll get the show you originally wanted. And you must know what tickets you want when you approach the booth - the teller is not there to debate the merits of the various shows with you, he is there to sell the tickets and keep the line moving as quickly as possible. If you don't have a decision made when you reach the front of the line you will be passed over and have to re-join the back of the line to purchase your discounted Broadway tickets. Plus, on a typical day hundreds of people will line up to get discounted Broadway tickets at TKTS, and you can easily waste several precious hours of your NYC trip waiting on a slow moving line - often in the rain, snow, or beating sun - to get your discounted Broadway tickets.

There's a better way!

Why spend a portion of your vacation engaging in such a miserable activity? Instead, leave your discounted Broadway ticket needs to New York Guest and secure your tickets well before your arrival in the city. New York Guest has access to many exclusive ticket discounts and we'll be happy to do the hard part - actually securing the discounted Broadway tickets at a significantly reduced price - while you relax and enjoy your time in New York City. In most cases we'll even be able to deliver the tickets directly to your hotel!

You can order some discounted Broadway tickets directly off of our website, and contact our expert travel planners for access to many more.

Discounted Broadway Tickets Available for Online Purchase

Discount Broadway Tickets to The Phantom of the Opera
Direct online purchase ticket price for Orchestra/Front Mezzanine seats: $140
New York Guest price: $99
Savings: 30%

Discount Broadway Tickets to Chicago
Direct online purchase ticket price for Orchestra/Front Mezzanine seats: $145
New York Guest price: $99
Savings: 31%

Discount Broadway Tickets to Mamma Mia
Direct online purchase ticket price for Orchestra/Front Mezzanine seats: $136
New York Guest price: $99
Savings: 27%

Additional Shows Available at a Discount

While we can't list every discount Broadway ticket on our website, our travel planners are standing by and they have extensive knowledge of the discounts available. Simply submit a contact request below for exclusive access to:

  • Discount Broadway tickets for Rock of Ages
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Beautiful
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Bullets Over Broadway
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Motown: The Musical
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Jersey Boys
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Once
  • Discount Broadway Tickets for Newsies
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Rocky
  • Discount Broadway tickets for The Bridges of Madison County
  • Discount Broadway tickets for Cinderella
  • Discount Broadway tickets for If/Then
  • Discount Broadway tickets for The Cripple of Inishmaan
  • Discount Broadway tickets for The Realistic Joneses
  • Discount off-Broadway tickets for Avenue Q

Don't see the show you want listed her? Just send us an e-mail and ask about it! We'd be glad to help.

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