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Broadway Packages

Broadway Packages are one of our very best sellers because they combine a hotel with tickets to a Broadway show - great experience, great choices, and great value!Read on for some of our favorites, or contact us to create your own!

Featured Broadway Packages

New Musicals of Fall 2014

This fall we welcome four new musicals - two fantastic revivals and two exciting new works! New York love story On the Town comes first this September, followed by Sting's autobiographical piece The Last Ship. Coming in October is cult favorite Side Show, and finally Honeymoon in Vegas, based on the well-loved 1990's romantic comedy.

Join us this autumn for one or all of these fantastic new productions. Book early for the best seats, and combine with hotel accommodations for extra savings! Click here to contact us and start building your custom package.

The Family Broadway Package

Seeing a Broadway show together is a memory your family will hold for a lifetime, and we'll help you make sure it is absolutely unforgettable! We've got the recipe:

- Choose from family-friendly shows such as The Lion King, Cinderella, Matilda, Newsies or Annie.

- Choose one of our recommended family friendly hotels including the Residence Inn by Marriott Times Square, the Staybridge Times Square, or the Wyndham Garden Long Island City .

- Add on some sightseeing - a double decker bus, a TV & Movie Sites tour, the Intrepid Museum, and many other options.

- Combine for maximum savings, and enjoy the experience of  a lifetime!

 Package starts at about $300 per person including taxes & fees - price depends on travel dates and choice of hotel, show and sightseeing options

Click here to start building your custom package!

Broadway Romance Package

Traveling as a couple? You certainly want to make sure your trip will be as romantic as it is memorable! With our customized Broadway Romance package, neither of you will ever forget it:

- Choose from romantic Broadway shows like Once, Phantom of the Opera, or Wicked

- Decide on a romantic hotel setting, such as the Algonquin, the Roosevelt, or the Strand

- Sprinkle in extra romantic touches with deliveries of flowers & champagne, romantic restaurant recommendations, or even a dinner cruise on New York Harbor

- Combine for maximum savings and enjoy the ultimate romantic getaway!

Package starts at about $400 per person including taxes & fees - price depends on travel dates and choice of hotel, show and sightseeing options

Click here to start building your custom package

The Broadway Experience Package

Our classic Broadway experience package combines two nights in a centrally-located hotel with tickets to one of Broadway's hits. Choose from great shows like Mamma Mia, Chicago, Jersey Boys, and Wicked the Musical. If the show you want to see isn't listed, simply contact us or call 212-302-4019 and we'll customize it for you. You have the option to add other great sightseeing options to this package, including tickets to the Empire State Building and a famous NYC Double Decker Bus Tour.

The Hottest Ticket in Town: Book of Mormon The Ace Hotel

Everyone is talking about The Book of Mormon, the new hit musical from the creators of South Park. The show is sold out through the spring of 2012, but when you book your Broadway package through New York Guest we can get you seats at this trailblazing Broadway musical. When you book this package you'll get two nights at the trendy Ace Hotel in Chelsea and tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Become part of the phenomenon when you experience this record-breaking show in person! You can also opt to include tickets to the Empire State Building, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, or a Double Decker bus tour. Or contact us at 212-302-4019 to customize the package to suit your travel needs.

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What Makes Broadway a "Must See"?

Broadway is very special, unlike any other theatre experience in the world! It starts with the excitement of the Broadway & Times Square area where over 30 world class theaters are in a ten block long by one block wide neighborhood. Come to the heart of Manhattan and experience the thrill of seeing a Broadway show as part of our Broadway packages.

A Broadway show is an entire evening (or afternoon!) of excitement, starting before the curtain goes up. Your first glimpse of Times Square is a rush-- so alive with people, lights and theatres. Bigger and more exciting than you've seen on TV and in the movies. Cars and taxis, strolling pedestrians, blinking marquees, excited crowds and 'something in the air' makes Broadway feel and sound like New Years Eve, Las Vegas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. You enter the theater with a sense of anticipation and for the next few hours you are amazed and dazzled; the acting skills, singing voices, costumes and scenery are the best in the world. After the final curtain call to thunderous applause, you are thrilled to have been part of a wonderful evening that you will never forget. Step out into the lights of the city that never sleeps, you know you are somewhere special, unlike anywhere else on earth. And it all begins when you select one of our Broadway Packages. Our packages can include one show or as many as you can pack into your stay.

Who buys Broadway packages? Who goes to Broadway?

In a word: Everyone! Unlike some events, shows in our Broadway Packages appeal to anyone who loves art, theatre, music, dance, excitement, drama, comedy, and great story telling. Broadway is for couples, friends, families, children, grandparents, teens, young marrieds, parents, co-workers, groups, committees, or teams.

Everyone likes Broadway because with our Broadway Packages, there are shows for every taste, interest and budget.

Why do they come to Broadway?

There are many reasons to take a night (or matinee) out on the town: it's your 1st visit, your 10th visit, an anniversary; a birthday present; part of New York Christmas travel; to say 'thank you', 'I love you' and 'I care'; for a holiday weekend; for a fun overnight getaway to the city; to break up the work week; to catch a matinee; to share a magical experience with the kids, grandkids or parents.

People from all over the world experience Broadway packages with New York Guest's New York Vacation Packages or as part of New York Travel Deals. Many choose to stay at on of the many New York Times Square Hotels while others seek our New York hotel deals. Other times because they're interested because we are a New York Meeting Planner and our staff of New York Travel Agents recommended New York Guest's Broadway Packages.

What do they see?

Musicals: because Broadway musical bring stories to life with new tunes, special arrangements and great singers, A Broadway musical will provide you with some of the best original music you have ever heard, and songs that you'll sing along to for weeks to follow. Think of the Lion King Broadway, Jersey Boys, Spiderman, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Mamma Mia, and the amazing Wicked Tickets New York as examples of musicals that last the test of time and will be Broadway hits for many years to come.

Plays: The ability to create a mood and feeling with just words, actions and scenery make a Broadway play special. Hollywood stars lead the way to extraordinary performances. Many people flock to Broadway plays not just to see a great story enacted live, but to take advantage of seeing some of their favorite Hollywood stars attempt live theatre. Plays typically have a shorter run than Musicals, so contact New York Guest to see what the latest hot play on Broadway showing during your stay.

Special Performances: Every season there are always 'Special Performances' - one time, limited engagements by singers, comedians and other artists. Also, many come to New York to see great performances by Cirque du Soleil and various concerts and shows at the famous Radio City Music Hall, the Christmas Show and more.

What do Broadway packages cost?

The more flexible you can be with your theatre preferences the greater the savings you can enjoy. Like with most restaurants, Friday and Saturday performances are the busiest. That goes for Broadway too. As a result you'll find the best Broadway package deals on weekdays-- but always ask since we know the secret dates when huge savings can be had.

Broadway packages are custom built so each one is a little different. You pick the show, the day the date time and location. You decide what is best for you and then we take care of the rest.

There are Broadway Packages for everyone. You don't have to pay a lot to see the best entertainment in the world. The choice is yours, with many budget and mid range packages available. And if you are coming with a group (8 or more) ask for the very special group Broadway Packages.

You just have to see a Broadway Show!

A trip to New York is never complete unless you have seen at least one Broadway show. And the best way to do the most is with our Broadway Packages.

Featured Article:

Broadway Packages from New York Guest are the Perfect Ticket to an Unforgettable Experience

[Posted on December 3]

Some things can only be experienced in New York - the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Empire State Building and the Broadway theatre. These are just some of the reasons that it's the greatest city in the world and a very popular travel destination for people from all over the world.

One experience that is truly unique to New York is attending a Broadway show. If you're from another country, another state or live in the metro area local, a night on Broadway is something that is great for everyone. This is why New York Guest offers the best Broadway packages available anywhere. With our options, we make sure that everyone that dreams of seeing a world class Broadway show has the night of their life.

A Broadway production is the ultimate form of entertainment. Shows like Spiderman, the Lion King, Mamma Mia, Chicago, Phantom and Rock of Ages combine the emotionally gripping acting performances of a great movie with the atmosphere of a live concert. Broadway shows are so good that even the occasional skeptic comes out raving about the experience. They enjoy the show and end up l overwhelmed and wondering which show they should see next. And no matter what show that is, whether it's a production of one of the classics like Chicago, Mamma Mia or Phantom of the Opera or one of the newer hits like Spiderman, American Idiot and Jersey Boys, New York Guest can provide you with the opportunity.

With the experts at New York Guest helping, attending a show on Broadway can just be one part of a total evening enjoying the city. We can recommend a New York luxury hotels or a favorite value hotel; a five star restaurant or a casual, friendly New York kind of place for dinner; and all of the sightseeing as well to make your night on Broadway unforgettable.
Going it alone -planning it yourself - can be a real challenge. Every day we get calls from clients telling us how much better their trip was with our help; no wasting time, no disappointment and no mistakes that can ruin a good trip. Our staff lives, works and plays in New York City. Every year over 100,000 visitors ask for our advice. We pass on that knowledge to you and manage those little details that will make or break a trip. It leaves you stress free and ready for fun. Try to do it on your own; you're likely to end up encountering unexpected and unwelcome surprises along the way- the kind of obstacles and expenses that could ruin your vacation.

At New York Guest, we make sure that every trip to New York will make you excited for the next.