About New York Guest

Meet the New York Guest Team

John Williams, President

My passion is at the heart of New York Guest. Since inception I wanted to create and build a company that was at the forefront of everything NYC. In order to do that I needed to create an environment where people could grow and have a instrumental part of the companies success. We are now celebrating our 10th year and can honestly say it's working. There is nothing like working with a group of people who are loyal, dedicated, and enthusiastic not just for themselves but the company. This is something you just can't buy or find you need to build it. So my passion is the family of New York Guest and what we strive for each and every day - integrity, value, passion, dedication.

Julie Roth, Vice President

I remember riding in a taxi down the West Side Highway looking at the skyline, buildings and smelling the excitement in the air and saying,"ah, if I could only live here!" Now in my ninth year living in New York City, from the Upper East Side to Queens, I am officially a New Yorker and living the dream! I have been with New York Guest for six years and I get to talk all day long about everything and anything in New York City, from hotels to restaurants, nightlife, Broadway, the Yankees and what is happening all over the city. I have worked for small companies and Fortune 500 and there is nothing like being involved and crucial in every decision that is made. The best part about New York Guest is the team and energy and passion that we all share!

About New York Guest

New York Guest is a full service travel solutions company catering to visitors to New York City. We offer travel planning for individuals, group travel planning for corporate, leisure or student groups, and concierge services for hotels throughout the city. Since our inception in 2002, we have worked to meet the goal of offering the most competitive service with the friendliest staff and the deepest knowledge of New York City.

These days it seems like you're expected to spend hours doing research and competitive price checks, checking dozens of OTAs (online travel agents), and reading reviews before making a decision on how to best spend your hard-earned vacation money. Why must you work so hard for your own vacation? That's why we're here! Give one of our expert travel planners your "must do" list and what you're looking for in a hotel, and your ideal budget and we'll do all the research for you and provide you with multiple options for your trip. We have access to exclusive rates and discounts that will help you get a better deal and save money over booking on your own!

Visitors and guests come to New York Guest because we offer great, practical advice from a local perspective. Our New York experts, who live and work right in the city, help visitors plan and select the best places to stay, the best overall value hotels, wonderful tours and sightseeing plans, perfect tickets to Broadway shows and sporting events, places for lunch and dinner that only locals know about and a full range of airport transfer options. If you're traveling with a family or as part of a group, we have a separate department just for you. Corporate events and meetings are also a specialty of ours.

Unlike the big OTAs, we have a staff that lives and breathes the city every day. We offer free advice to the public daily through our Blog, Facebook and Twitter. When we make a suggestion, we know what we are talking about because every one of the staff has been to the hotels, restaurants and sights; been on the tours and walked the city day after day. Our knowledge and expertise mean you will get great advice and will never be surprised or disappointed.

And we offer something else: a real, warm and friendly experience with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We have an impeccable record for excellent customer service, are members of many important travel and tour organizations and are known for going the extra mile to help visitors have great experiences in NYC. We are also known because every day, we meet and exceed every expectation; always with a smile and thank you.

When you choose New York Guest, you're more than a client; you're part of our family.

What We Do

New York Guest offers personalized service that makes travel and meeting planning easy. Our clientele includes some of the most recognized companies in the world, individual visitors, and travel groups of all sizes.

We are the best single source for all your travel needs, saving hours of research, effort and money for every client. New York Guest offers these services in a personalized and professional manner and we guarantee to not just meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

New York Guest is divided into three primary areas of focus:

Individual Leisure & Business Travel Services:
New York Guest arranges everything NYC has to offer to individuals and groups: hotels, vacation packages, Broadway & sports tickets, dining, sightseeing, and transportation. Everything is customized so that cost and inclusions are matched specifically to your needs.
Corporate Planning Services:
New York Guest
is a preferred partner for individual business travel and entertainment as well as corporate events and meetings. We also offer on-site and and virtual concierge services and employee benefits plans.
Hospitality and Hotel Services:
New York Guest provides concierge and guest services for world class hotel and residential properties. We create sales opportunities for our partners that generate new revenue sources and add value and loyalty to existing services.

New York Guest provides for every aspect of your itinerary including

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Transportation
  • Broadway and Entertainment Tickets
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Dining Arrangements
  • And Much More!
Get started planning your trip with New York Guest today. Choose between using our convenient Trip Planner or contact one of our friendly New York City experts.


New York Guest is family owned and managed. We are a strong believer in the importance of integrity in business and choose to work with partners who also share that ideal. We seek to hire naturally engaging individuals who truly care about the outcome of their service; the kind of service providers that our clients return to again and again for support and assistance. Regardless of the nature of your request, our goal is to first meet and then exceed your expectations. We do that by extending ourselves in every possible way, anticipating needs and offering unbiased and honest recommendations.