About Us



New York Guest is an “Experience Solutions Architect©" company. We work with corporate clients, non-profits, associations, and group partners in creating exceptional meetings, incentives, conferences and group programs. We design, build and execute plans for a diverse client base.

American Guest is recognized for managing essential Meetings, Incentives, MICE, roadshows, and other corporate and group programs in New York and with our second company: American Guest USA, throughout the USA, Canada; Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and South America.

With an outstanding staff of multicultural, multilingual professionals, our team has a personal dedication to excellence.

  • Experiential, Creative, and Engaging solutions
  • Directly managed - nationally and globally
  • Multicultural/multilingual- 7 different languages.

Programs range from simple to the most complex:  Board meeting, Retreats, Roadshows, Conferences, Meeting, Galas and more. Incentives, Meetings MICE, and other group programs.  For groups of 15, 1,500 or 15,000, we have the experience to serve the widest array of clients. Whatever the program, we deliver it on time, on budget, and with skill, professionalism and thoroughness. Heading toward our 20th year, we are multicultural, multilingual: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew and others. The company also serves the Group Leisure travel market and high end FIT's.

Clients value our expertise in presenting experiential, custom ideas, creatively fashioned, and well suited to the client.

New York Guest is a full service travel solutions company catering to visitors to New York City. We offer travel planning for individuals, group travel planning for corporate, leisure or student groups, and concierge services for hotels throughout the city. Since our inception in 2002, we have worked to meet the goal of offering the most competitive service with the friendliest staff and the deepest knowledge of New York City.

These days it seems like you're expected to spend hours doing research and competitive price checks, checking dozens of OTAs (online travel agents), and reading reviews before making a decision on how to best spend your hard-earned vacation money. Why must you work so hard for your own vacation? That's why we're here! Give one of our expert travel planners your "must do" list and what you're looking for in a hotel, and your ideal budget and we'll do all the research for you and provide you with multiple options for your trip. We have access to exclusive rates and discounts that will help you get a better deal and save money over booking on your own!

Visitors and guests come to New York Guest because we offer great, practical advice from a local perspective. Our New York experts, who live and work right in the city, help visitors plan and select the best places to stay, the best overall value hotels, wonderful tours and sightseeing plans, perfect tickets to Broadway shows and sporting events, places for lunch and dinner that only locals know about and a full range of airport transfer options. If you're traveling with a family or as part of a group, we have a separate department just for you. Corporate events and meetings are also a specialty of ours.

Unlike the big OTAs, we have a staff that lives and breathes the city every day. We offer free advice to the public daily through our Facebook and Twitter. When we make a suggestion, we know what we are talking about because every one of the staff has been to the hotels, restaurants and sights; been on the tours and walked the city day after day. Our knowledge and expertise mean you will get great advice and will never be surprised or disappointed.

And we offer something else: a real, warm and friendly experience with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We have an impeccable record for excellent customer service, are members of many important travel and tour organizations and are known for going the extra mile to help visitors have great experiences in NYC. We are also known because every day, we meet and exceed every expectation; always with a smile and thank you.

When you choose New York Guest, you're more than a client; you're part of our family.

New York Guest provides for every aspect of your itinerary including

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Transportation
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Dining Arrangements
  • And Much More!